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Mom jumped with joy when Fatty informed that “Mom, I am chosen to represent to Vietnam’s children to participate into 23rd April International Children’s Festival!”, Mom beleived that Mom was nearly unconscious…That news is so sudden and great to Mom that Mom had to stop for a while to be normal…
Fatty, Fatty…Mom remembered that feeling clearly…Oh my Gods, Mom thanked Gods to give Mom too much happiness like this…

Fatty had lived with Turkish host during 10 days, and then traveled in Izmir and Istanbul 4 days…Mom was worried that Fatty was cold and…thinner due to weather and strange food…Thanks Gods, everything was OK…Fatty ate much (lol, poor Fatty!), and felt comfortable with Turkish host…Host was so friendly, Fatty talked much about them, and Mom knew that Turkish family loved Fatty a lot…Mom was thankful for everything they did for you!

At the night of show, 23rd April, Mom and Thinny couldnt sleep, we tried to be awake to watch Festival show, which is live on Turkish television. Mom’s heart was nearly stopable…Mom’s eyes were full of drops…Mom was so much happy…And Mom looked at Thinny, kissed him deeply…Mom heard Thinny whishpering in Mom’s ear “Mom, Mom, I like to be as Fatty, I love to be there…”. And Mom wishes with all Mom heart: One near day, Thinny will be excellent as Fatty, Thinny will represent to Vietnam’s Children to take into a part in festival…And Mom beleives strongly that Thinny will be a excellent student, Thinny’s dream will be achiveable…

Mom loves all of you much! Thanks Fatty, thanks this life to bring Fatty and Thinny to Mom!


Festival’s show in Turkey


Romantic rhythm!

Listen to sink deeply in romantic and beautiful love song. To say hello a new day by this way!

A lesson after reading one book

Reading is a good habbit. Book helps to live well and kindly, at least for myself. A good economic book that should be read is “A myth of the rational market” by Justin Fox. I feel this book like a story of great economists who put a first stone to build strength economic castle. A historic book usually causes a bored feeling, but this book is exceptional. I was attracted by the first pages of this book.
Though I have just read one nineth of this book, however it makes me not stopping thinking of it. Every night, after teaching my sons, I take it out and deeply fall into the stories of scholars. That were many funny stories which lead to famous theories of economy. Funny story of Irving Fisher who was a father of currency exchange S=P1/P2, or MV=PT equation was began by his briefcase being theft and he had to spend several years to re-write his theories (there was no PC at that time), but the famous theory emerged at the time of re-writing (Thanks Gods and thanks thieves, lolx).
Then I have known that Babson who was father of Standard and Poor’s couldnt earn money from stock market (at that time, they just bought and sold bond), and he thought that he had to sell his information of companies, and gave index and analysis to sellers and buyers, lolx. Couldnt imagine!!!
Wow, rational market…that is a way human uses his mind to understand what the hell in this crazy market. Human try to put everything in the order by using mathematics…but it seems that it takes long time to know what happens inside the market…Go up then go down, of course, everybody knows it. But the tough question is that when will it go up and when will it go down? Who could exactly answer this question, he must be the richest man in this world…Uncertainty concept was born.
However, let read the book to know that I am so tiny in this world, my knowledge is a sand in the desert…Enjoy this book and have my own lesson “never believe in any forecast though it is a famous organization such as Standard and Poor’s, lolx
Have a nice day!

See toward the future

Today is the second working day of new lunar year. There were several annoying things. I hated that feeling ư and I really wanna to jump over this situation…

Hope that tomorrow will be better than today… The sun ưill shine to wipe out all sadness…

Good bye!

A woman from yesterday

Yesterday was over, and I had never met that woman who was full of energy and hope of this life…That was the past with much memories and emotion…
When thinking of yesterday, that makes me much feelings and regretness…I knew that I never had that priceless minutes which would never repeat in my life…And that woman never came back with me…Always think that I have to live better, work harder, think more and always hope that tomorow is better than today…No matter what happens today, every minute to be existed in this life is a miracle with me…Always want to live more and more with Fatty and Thinny…Try to live meaningfully as well as think positively
A woman from yesterday promise that though she never came back but she always pray to this life, pray to Fatty and Thinny and Daddy, of course :)))

Congrats to Fattyyyyyyyy!

Oh my Goodness! Fatty has been choosen to be a representative of his school to attend at Turkey in April….Mom nearly jumped up when Mom got that present from Fatty…Fatty, Fatty, Fatty you are so much talent…Mom loved Fatty so much!

Daddy is being in Hanoi for his business, Mom guessed that Daddy laughed loudly when Fatty informed to him…Though sometimes Daddy did not show his emotion, but Mom knew that he was happier than Fatty and Mom…

We are proud of you!

Today Mom said to Fatty’s aunt to prepare Fatty passport to go to Turkey for campus within 10 says of April…Wow, aunt cheered so loudly…Aunt is second mother of Fatty, and she is always like Mom, you know that, dont you?

Wish Fatty all the best and always be safety!

That is a man!

Mom and Fatty were listening music on radio this morning…Mom said to Fatty that Mom always felt romantic whenever Mom listened a song of describing flowers or beautiful scence of nature…That song of “Nguoi hat tinh ca” by Uyen Linh, an Idol singer, presented very well and it went deeply inside Mom’s heart…

Mom was insprired by that theme, was flying Mom’s soul with that beautiful rythm…Then Fatty said to Mom “Mom, honestly I just find that I could only feel happy with food’s smell, what you said of sweet smell of flowers I have never felt it!!!”

Oh my Goodness! Mom fell from sky on the ground!