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Honestly, I have never had any ambition of being a member of environmental protection group, but I think I should change my mind after watching Ngoc Quyen’s nude collection…. 100% nude is for purpose of environmental protection…

I want to analyze some impacts of that collection on the environment around me.

Firstly, as my understanding, environment includes two sides i.e living (human, animals…) and non-living (mountain, sea creatures, trees…). In the side of non-living, I am not sure that the sea creatures could understand the great purpose of Ngoc Quyen’s nude collection. Hope that after watching Ngoc Quyen’s collection, tigers stop eating deer, cows don’t eat the grass and that cows stop destroying the environment by…. their diarrhea which transfers much carbon dioxide into the environment… In the side of the living, my hubby- a part of environment- said that “I love the environment after watching that collection, I think of it so much!!!!”. At least, one member in my family could have some ideas of environmental protection (don’t know whether it is negative or positive to my family’s life!). Yesterday evening, I required him to wash the glass which he used to drink lemon juice, he avoided and reasoned that he had to protect the environment by not killing that ants which were creeping in his glass…He was the protector!!!

Secondly, I realized that many artists, especially working in model industry, are ready to nude for…great ideas which I couldn’t understand. Some model “stars” were nude for charity purposes, poor children, protection of environment. I wonder whether the charity organizations could have enough bravery to receive those funds from them, whether or not models have to be nude to protect the environment. Is there any personal purpose behind that great ideas? Is there any message behind body performance?

Thirdly, they are nude for environment…That is good, but they forget a basic concept “the benefits of one are the expense of the others”. In fact, their activities largely affect on the young people, especially the children. Conclusively, children have the negative impacts. Those pictures will lead them to think of sex at early age which is not good for their health and studying. For sure that no parents want their children watch that pictures! Moreover, the artists are famous and have wide influence on the youth; they take a part of leading the society movements. What the artist do, the youth will do the same. So, if the artists put off, the teenagers will put off…It seems that nude activity is not suitable to current Vietnam society and custom.

Fourthly, whatever happens in Vietnam society which goes adverse with custom and tradition, they always say that this is Western culture. Note that Western includes Europe and USA as common sense of Vietnamese. They are nude because Western artists are nude! I agree that Western society is more open-minded than Vietnam. However, nude is restricted in USA and some Europe countries.I remember a funny story of  Merkel- German Prime minister- who was judged when she wore an evening dress which had low necklines… So as mind understanding, the Western society has many classes, the high class still has its own strict principles and it seems to be the same as Vietnam society. So, before blaming the Western society, please carefully consider who perform that activities and for what purposes.

Lastly, I am wondering I should imitate that Vietnam artists to be nude to protect my hubby- one part of environment , I swear that I have just enough courage to perform in front of him, lol.

If you want to “absorb” the meaning of Ngoc Quyen’s collection, this is the link: http://ngoisao.net/news/hau-truong/2011/03/164138-ngoc-quyen-lan-dau-chup-anh-nude/


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